A process that has so far taken around 18 months has now come to a first (positive) conclusion: the IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.) has published the Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, for REGUPOL sheeting. Such EPDs are intended to enable realistic sustainability comparisons between similar products or services - for example in tenders for the construction of new buildings. This is already mandatory in some European countries and it is only a matter of time the same applies in Germany, too.

Elke Sondermann-Becker | 28. August 2023

The IBU, which is responsible for environmental product declarations in Germany, is one of the leading international operators of EPD programmes in the construction industry. The basis for an EPD is the life cycle assessment of the product in question. For this, all material and substance flows from raw material extraction to the finished product are recorded. Essentially, the aim is to calculate how sustainable the construction of a building is and what the individual products - i.e. building materials, building products or building components - contribute to this.

The values determined in advance from the life cycle assessment must be summarised and documented in accordance with a standardised formula - objectively and neutrally, but above all scientifically sound and without any evaluation. Before an EPD is published by the IBU, it is checked and verified by independent third parties to ensure it is complete, plausible and conforms to the standards. It’s also good for REGUPOL that the circular economy is a key aspect of the declaration and the information it is based on is taken from the entire life cycle of the respective construction product.

The EPDs therefore not only enable life cycle assessments or evaluation of buildings, but also make integral planning possible. As the Institut Bauen und Umwelt explains: "Architects and specialist planners can use EPDs to compare different components, construction methods and options in the design phase and thus select the ideal combination of building products for the respective building."

EPDs now cover over 100 products in REGUPOL’s sheeting range for a great variety of applications, such as the protection of flat roofs, load securing, the sports and fitness sector, as indoor or outdoor floorings and for sound insulation in buildings. REGUPOL's EPD is available from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. homepage at: - and can also be viewed in the enclosed PDF.

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